Saturday, April 01, 2006

Amazing Fountain of Sovereign Grace

What is Grace? How would you define it, describe it?

Think about it -

When we deserved His justified wrath, we instead received His favor through salvation. That's grace!

When God could have consigned us to hell, as He did with the angels who sinned, He instead gave us eternal life. That's grace!

When we were by nature in total and complete deprivation, and hostile toward Him (for we were dead in sin [Eph. 2:1] and in no way seeking him [Rom. 3:11]), He chose us, sought us, and now calls us His own. That's grace!

Twila Paris, in her powerful song Fountain of Grace (Perennial: Songs For The Seasons Of Life), says (slightly paraphrased) this about grace:

He is faithfulness; when I have been faithless [1 Cor.1:9, Deut.7:9]
He forever gives; when I have been selfish [Phil.4:19, Heb.13:8]
He is the constant; when I have chosen to wander [Mal.3:6a]
He is forgiveness; when I have cried out for mercy [Ps.107:6-9]
Lord, I owe You my life and my praise, may You pour out the water of life on me, your vessel
I kneel before You and offer myself as a vessel, to You, my unending fountain of grace

What do you say about His grace?

Resources for contemplation:

Bridges, Jerry. The Discipline of Grace: God's Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness (and Study Guide)
Bridges, Jerry. Transforming Grace: Living Confidently in God's Unfailing Love (with Study Guide)
Bridges, Jerry. Gospel-Driven Sanctification (Modern Reformation Magazine [May/June Issue, Vol. 12.3])


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