Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Klingon Bible! Why am I Not Surprised?!

Before you go and buy yourself that new English Standard Version Bible, or Sproul's Reformation Study Bible, and if you speak Klingon, you may want to consider the new Klingon Language Version of the World English Bible.

You may look up Bible verses with this new "Bible," here.

Here's Eph. 2:8-9, vaD Sum grace SoH ghaj taH toDpu' vegh HartaHghach, je vetlh ghobe' vo' tlhIH'egh; 'oH ghaH the gift vo' joH'a', ghobe' vo' vum, vetlh ghobe' wa' would boast.

Someone obviously had way too much time on their hands. How much you want to bet he's a blogger?!

(HT: Riddleblog)


At 11/29/2006 9:39 PM, Blogger Joel said...

Hi Tom -

Glad you found the KLV - and why, yes, you ARE right, I *AM* a blogger! Take a look at http://www.KlingonWord.org - it's not just a blog, it's a podcast! A GodCast, even! I'll admit, it seems like a crazy undertaking, but I've got my reasons - you'll find them here: http://klv.mrklingon.org/why.html

And it always puzzles me, when people say someone has "too much time on their hands." I always wonder what they WANT me to be doing - come over and wash their car or babysit?

Joel aka MrKlingon.


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