Saturday, February 25, 2006

Doctrine Has Consequences

One's doctrine, theology, matters! In the end, doctrine has its consequences.

Too Inclusive; Church loses building after members flee pastor's universalism
(Christianity Today, Tulsa, 02/09/2006)
"Carlton Pearson, a high-profile pastor who lost 90 percent of his church's 5,000 members after publicly teaching that everyone will eventually be saved, held the final service in his church building on New Year's Eve. With its property lost in foreclosure and sold to an investment company, Higher Dimensions Family Church now meets as New Dimensions Worship Center on Sunday afternoons at an Episcopal church. . . . Higher Dimensions' slide began about four years ago when Pearson began preaching a form of universalism that alienated his Pentecostal/evangelical followers. His "gospel of inclusion"—that Christ died for the sins of the world, and therefore the whole world will be saved—denied the classic Christian belief that salvation involves turning from sin and accepting God's forgiveness through faith in Jesus."

See also,
Carlton Pearson and Universalism, and The Gospel of Inclusion & Carlton Pearson.

More on the heresy of Universalism:
Four Kinds of Universalism, by John M. Brentnall
Discussion of Universalism, Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Critique of Universalism, The Christian Research Institute
Universalism Examined, by Matt Perman (Director, Internet & Radio, Desiring God Ministries)

For a Biblical treatment of Salvation (vs. Universalism):
The All-Sufficiency of Christ in Our Redemption, by John Hendryx (creator of
Definite Redemption: Jesus Christ Died for God's Elect, by J. I. Packer (from
Concise Theology)
For Whom Did Christ Die?, by John Piper


At 3/24/2006 10:00 AM, Blogger Pastor Steve said...

A Tulsa Weekly paper just came out with a two part interview with Pearson. I am commenting on it on my blog if you are intersted.


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