Saturday, September 30, 2006

Willing to Let God Be God - Are You? Am I?

Pastor Ian Hamilton speaks of how the truth [God's sovereignty] "that God's word intends to support, encourage and reassure us, has been a cause of controversy among Christians." He says, in part,

"Believing God is all about trusting him, even when we cannot fully understand him. Just how God's unassailable sovereignty can be reconciled with our unambiguous responsibility may not be clear to us, but that is no reason for questioning, far less denying, the absoluteness or unconditionality of God's sovereignty. When the Bible confronts us with these twin truths, the expectation is not that we will happily reconcile them, but that we will humbly receive them and live our lives in the light of them. Indeed, we should expect to find ourselves out of our depths, saying with Paul: "O the depths of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God, how unsearchable are his ways and his paths beyond tracing out. For who has known the mind of the Lord and who has been his counsellor?" [Rom 11:33-34] It does not take great faith to believe in God's unassailable sovereignty, it simply takes a willingness to let God be God. We truly see through a glass darkly. But our as yet dimly perceiving spiritual sight should not dictate whether we embrace God's absolute sovereignty or deny it. If Scripture teaches it (and it does) we should humbly and wholeheartedly believe it and embrace it."
(The Sweetness Of God's Sovereignty, Ian Hamilton, Cambridge Presbyterian Church)

I must admit, this is a bit humbling for me, and difficult (at least in my flesh) for me to fully accept. I'm one that wants an answer; to "figure it out." I want to know, nicely and neatly, with clear black and white rules and perameters, how God's sovereignty and man's will and choices made, relate and co-exist. But that may not be (or simply is not) possible - not in this life, however.

How about you? What does this say to you?


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