Friday, June 27, 2008

Glory in the Lord's Supper: Songs of Communion

Flesh and Blood, Andrew Peterson, Album: Appendix A (free sheet music)

Remember Me, Jason Germain & Marc Martel, Album: Wide-Eyed and Mystified (free download)

Communion Song, John Michael Talbot, Album: The Lord's Supper

Communion, Cliff & Danielle Young, Album: Sing Alleluia

Resources unpacking and glorying in the mystery and beauty of the Lord's Supper -

A Summary of the Lord's Supper, John Knox

An Overview of The Lord's Supper, Charles Hodge

The Remembrance of Christ, C.H. Spurgeon (Sermon, January 7th, 1855, New Park Street Chapel, Southwark)

John Piper, Bethlehem Baptist Church

Songs, Choruses, and Hymns for Communion, Ed. Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

The Mystery of the Lord's Supper: Sermons by Robert Bruce preached at St. Giles, Edinburgh, Robert Bruce

The Lord's Supper: Eternal Word in Broken Bread, Robert Letham

Take Eat, Take Drink: The Lord's Supper Through the Centuries, Ernest Bartels

Sermons on the Lord's Supper, Jonathan Edwards's abundant resources on the Lord's Supper


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