Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Proverbs: Growth in Godly Wisdom

The Book of Proverbs has been called the "book of wisdom" (even a "hymn of wisdom"), and is profitable to anyone seeking greater Godly, Biblical wisdom and understanding of God and self. How well do you know Proverbs? Would you like to know it better; gaining better insight and growth for your daily walk with Him and with man?

One way to better mine the gold nuggets of wisdom found in Proverbs is to get a hold of a copy of Charles Bridges' Commentary on Proverbs (first published in 1846). Charles Bridges was a 19th century Anglican Vicar, best remembered for his classic work The Christian Ministry. C.H. Spurgeon called Bridges' commentary "the best work on the Proverbs," for "while explaining the passage in hand, he sets other portions of the Word of God in new lights."

In addition to the printed version above, you may find Bridges' original, unabridged and unedited version here, courtesy of Dr. Ted Hildebrandt of the Biblical Studies Department at Gordon College in Massachusetts.

In the meantime, take Dr. Hildebrandt's Multiple Choice Proverbs Content Quizzer and see how well you think you might know the Book of Proverbs! (If you don't already have it, you'll need Macromedia FlashPlayer to take this quiz.)

My thanks to Dr. Hildebrandt for these great resources!


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