Thursday, June 01, 2006

"I Don't Need Theology. I Just Love Jesus!"

Think you don't need theology? Think theology is just from a bunch of dead guys? How often have you heard said (by others or even yourself) that all you need is Jesus - all you need is to love Jesus?

Well, Greg Couch has something to say about that, making this great insight:

"But who is Jesus? As soon as you start to answer, you're doing theology again. Theology is the Study of God as he has communicated to us. Everyone has beliefs about God. Everyone is a theologian. The question is not whether or not to be a theologian. The question is whether to be a biblical theologian or an unbiblical one.

Ignorance is no substitute for an intellectually challenging commitment to Christ. The solution to dead orthodoxy is not ignorance, but living orthodoxy. We aren't the first generation to read the Bible, and we're foolish if we fail to consider those who have been known by God before us."

Couldn't have said it better myself. What do you say?


At 6/07/2006 2:41 AM, Anonymous Dave said...

We are exhorted by Paul to "renew" our minds. I believe that this means that we are to read, study and meditate on Gods Word. Right doctrine does matter and is very vital to the Church.

Yes, I believe that as Christians, followers of Christ, we are all called to be in Gods Word. For some of us I believe more then others but that all of us should make an effort to read scripture.

There is a good article by John H. Gerstner titled "Everyman Must be a Theologian." that is pretty good. You can check it out at



At 6/09/2006 11:59 AM, Blogger AspiringTheologian said...

Very excellent post. If you are a true Christian, if you are really holding a zeal for God in your heart, you will want to learn more about him.

Good post!

God be with you,

A. Shepherd
The Aspiring Theologian


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