Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life and Heart Development: What Are You Set On?

I'm reading Sinclair Ferguson's Sermon on the Mount, and am really digging it!

What a good, solid book.

Here's a question Ferguson poses - What is your heart set on as vital for your life and your character? What eight things do you most want to see developed in your life?

Now, before you read any further, write down your answer. . . . . OK, read on.

Ferguson then queries: How does your list compare with what Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount? He asks, "[d]oes the list include poverty of spirit, meekness, a hunger and thirst for righteousness mercy, purity of heart, a peacemaking spirit and a willingness to be persecuted for the sake of Jesus?" (Ferguson, Sinclair. The Sermon on the Mount, Banner of Truth Trust 1987, pg. 14)

How do you compare? Care to share?


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