Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cursing Things In Jesus' Name: Scriptural?

How many of us have heard prayers such as these?

"I come against the report of cancer and I curse it, in Jesus name. And I loose the healing power of Jesus Christ to work in that body, and expect a good report of healing. By faith I pray this."

"By the authority given to us by God in Christ, we speak to that infection and we curse it in Jesus name! 'Infection, you are cursed in Jesus' name.' "

Cursing things - sickness, loss of a job, the devil, things that discomfort us - in Jesus' name.

Here's my question for you -

Is to do so scriptural? Is it biblical? Is this practice evidenced to us anywhere in scripture as something Christians are to do? Does the Bible tell us anywhere to curse anything, and to use Jesus' name to do so? If so, chapter and verse please.

And if it's not biblically supported, than what should be our response to those that pray this way? Any? And how should we biblically, and sound-doctrinally, pray in such situations?


At 2/22/2009 6:30 PM, Blogger Rick said...

Off the top of my head-
Jesus cursed the fig tree and said we could do the same. He told us to speak to the mountain. He rebuked sickness and demons. We're told to resist the devil.

The real question is has God given us authority to take charge over these things, or are we to leave it all up to God? What is the believer's responsibility?


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