Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Is Jesus Crazy About Me?

OK, okay, I know it's been ~ 3 yrs since I last posted to this blog. No excuses offered. None needed.

But just this morning I saw a post on Facebook that, for some reason, just really got to me and made me think, "I should post this on my blog and see what others have to say."

So here it is - the post read,

"In 2013 I want to live in the revelation that Jesus truly, genuinely, and passionately delights in me. Basically, He's crazy about me!"
I understand the heart behind this, and the sentiment expressed, but is this Scriptural?  (If so, chapter and verse, please.)

Yes, Jesus loves me, came to die a substitutiary death in my place, but, is He "crazy about me?"  And what appears to be the focus of this statement?  "I want... delights in me... about me."

So, am I wrong?  Too sensitive?  Reading too much into this?  

What might be a more Scripturally-informed way of speaking of, and taking joy in, the Father's love for his people - for you, for me?