Saturday, October 27, 2007

Take Me Back

Please allow me to take us back a bit, for fun and worship. And for those of you not yet born, or whose life may have been a blur back then, please indulge me and enjoy a sampling of my history.

First: Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Comedy genius. Here's a taste of their work - The Dentist. A classic!

Second: Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution. Anyone out there remember this Saturday morning show?

Third: Andrae Crouch! I grew up listening to Andrae Crouch & The Disciples. I think I owned every one of their LP's/albums up through 1977. Please enjoy with me one of Andrae's most famous, and one of my favorite, songs of worship in which we may glorify and enjoy HIM! - My Tribute: To God Be The Glory.

If you were "taken back," what would be your remembrances?


At 11/03/2007 7:29 AM, Anonymous ukrainiac said...

I'm loving watching these links...thanks! I so remember my dad laughing so hard whenever Harvey Korman and Tim Conway were on together -- his eyes would close and tears would pour down his face. The fact that the two performers could never know what the other was going to do made it even more hysterical! Thanks again.


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